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HOBBIES: Baking, cooking, collecting! FIRST PCN: PCN 34

MAJOR: Design

FUN FACTS: I own Café Dochi! Where I sell baked human and dog treats :D


Regilyn Catanyag



MAJOR: Child Development

FUN FACTS: - i fell off my scooter last year a week before pcn and i had a gross dangling scab on my chin - i once hit my head on a pole too (very embarrassing ) i had a bump on my forehead for a few years - i've raced my kuya 3 times and have lost all 3 - i really really really like bread for some reason, like i will just get up at night, eat some bread, then go back to bed

Jackie Cinco

HOBBIES: i like crocheting, playing (more like losing :,)) games, i like blasting my ears out with music (mostly edm), i also like binge watching shows (especially the harry potter series..p.s half blood prince is the best one), i also like tetris

FIRST PCN: PCN 36 walang iba

Aming Panahon

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