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MAJOR: Civil Engineering and Math

FUN FACTS:I traveled in over 10 countries! I prefer sparkling water over still. I have a high pain tolerance. I like visiting aquariums.

Kyra TAn

HOBBIES:Building legos, being a plant mom, making spotify playlists, playing pc games, watching Ratatouille on repeat

FIRST PCN: PCN 33: Ang Aming Panahon

PCN coordinators



MAJOR: Grad school - MBA

FUN FACTS: I got my first tattoo at 16 in Hawaii.

Eunice bombarda

HOBBIES: Dancing, Baking, Painting, Thrifting, Sneakerhead, watching movies and shows, and travelingFIRST PCN: PCn 33 Ang Aming Panahon

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