Elena can’t seem to understand why she feels a disconnect with her Filipino heritage. Not only does she feel disadvantaged for being half Filipino, but her Westernized mother, Pia, has shut the door on all cultural traditions since she left the Philippines at 18 to start a completely different life in America while cutting off all ties with her immediate family. It’s not until they receive an invitation from Pia’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, where Elena RSVP’s without the knowledge of her mother, hoping to learn more about her unknown roots. 


                  Their visit to the Philippines stirs unwelcoming conflict among Joseph, Pia’s brother, and his daughter Luz. Luz’s pride is put to the test when her mestiza cousin is introduced in her life, while Joseph’s deepest regrets resurface with the return of his unforgiving sister. Secrets, regrets, and unfinished business will reveal itself in the days leading up to the De Leon’s wedding anniversary, and the unity of the family will be challenged by outdated ideals presented in contemporary Filipino culture.


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